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Control your costs and motivate your sales process with a commissioned based sales force

Sponsorship Program


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Overview and background information about our Sponsorship Program:

In response to numerous requests that we have received, we are excited to announce the Global Representation Sponsorship Program to promote our registered database of independent sales representative firms, industry and trade consultants, and other various professional service organizations.

Global Representation, LLC operates a market leading website that is specifically focused on connecting manufacturers, service providers, and distributors with independent sales representatives.  Employers from all over the globe have utilized our website service to recruit independent sales representatives to sell and promote their product and service offerings both domestically and internationally.  

Over the past few years we have received many requests from professional service firms that want to proactively advertise on our website so that they can make a positive first impression and be the first company contacted by our customers who visit and utilize our website service. In response to this demand, we have created the Global Representation Sponsorship Program. Participation in our sponsorship program offers a cost effective and extremely focused marketing opportunity for you to advertise your company’s services.


Why should you participate in the Sponsorship Program?

Global Representation is committed to the continued growth of our unique website service as well as the continued growth and awareness of our partner sponsors.  This commitment is backed by our pledge to reinvest 50% of all sponsorship revenue generated directly into search engine advertisement fees.  The goal of our reinvestment program is to increase website traffic for the joint benefit of Global Representation and its sponsorship partners.

As a participant in the Global Representation Sponsorship program you will benefit from our specifically focused internet traffic.  Our website is targeted to attract employers and independent sales representatives throughout all areas of the world.  Many of our customers are new to the independent sales representative approach to selling their products and services and often have many administrative, production, and logistical questions.  We also encounter many customers who are considering international expansion of their product and service offerings and need assistance in dealing with the geographic, legal, and operational challenges of international trade.

Your manufacturers rep ad will appear in the "Our Sponsors" section

Sponsorship gives your company a unique opportunity to target and get connected with these potential customers by exposing them to your company’s name and message.

Our Sponsorship program includes the following:

  • Prominent display of your company’s banner ad. (on either the Home Page, the For the Employer Page, or the For the Representative Page)
  • Monthly traffic reports.
  • Links to your website.
  • An email announcement notification to our entire registered database of manufacturers, service providers, and distributors.
  • Graphic design assistance (if needed)


What does participation in the Global Representation Sponsorship program cost?

As a result of limited availability, participation is based on a first come, first serve basis.  The following cost structure applies:

Home” page advertisement - 125 pixels X 125 pixels (5 available slots)

  • 6 month advertisement = $1,200 US
  • 12 month advertisement = $1,800 US

For the Employer” page advertisement - 125 pixels X 125 pixels
(5 available slots)

  • 6 month advertisement  = $900 US
  • 12 month advertisement = $1,500 US

For the Representative’ page advertisement - 125 pixels X 125 pixels
(5 available slots)

  • 6 month advertisement = $900 US
  • 12 month advertisement = $1,500 US


How do I sign up for the Sponsorship Program?

Please fill out our Sponsorship Program Sign-Up form and attach an image to be uploaded.


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