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About Global Representation -- Helping Employers connect with independent sales representatives and agents


Global Representation was started out of the difficulty and frustration that employers encounter in attempting to recruit a commissioned based sales force.

As our global economy becomes more interconnected; small, medium, and large manufacturers, service providers, and distributors are looking to expand their sales distribution channels into new territories and need an effective way to attract quality sales representatives in their targeted geographic areas.  It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to successfully introduce new product and service offerings in a new domestic or foreign territory without the assistance of knowledgeable representatives from the specific targeted markets.  Establishing key relationships, with representatives that are knowledgeable of the potential customers and their buying needs, is the main challenge facing any sales expansion effort.

Complicating the representative recruitment process, is the fact that there are hundreds of independent sales associations in existence and there are also an endless number of industry specific periodicals and magazines from which to choose from.  Trying to use these types of “old technology” communication tools to recruit or expand a company’s independent sales force can be extremely frustrating with limited or no success.  These recruitment tools are also extremely expensive, and only expose a company’s sales opportunities to a very limited audience.

Global Representation was formed to solve the above noted problems and enable manufacturers, service providers, and distributors to display recruitment advertisements anywhere in the world and in their targeted geographic areas. 

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