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Control your costs and motivate your sales process with a commissioned based sales force

Participating Sales Representative Associations


Global Representation is reaching out to all corners of the globe to provide each manufacturer with the most extensive exposure for their sales representative advertisements.  In support of this initiative, Global Representation has developed a unique relationship with the following trade associations, whereby all advertisements will be directly shared with the trade association's internal database of sales representatives.  Our goal is to connect this very fragmented network of national, international, and industry specific associations. 

Check back frequently as we are aggressively working to grow our expanding global network.

United States Trade Associations:
Eastern Outdoor Reps Association        

P.O. Box 18927

Asheville, NC  28814-0297

Tel: +1 828 252 7956

Fax: +1 828 252 3145


Manufacturers' Agents of Cincinnati

P.O. Box 53535
Cincinnati, OH 45253
Tel: +1 513 385 8091
Fax: +1 513 741 8778



Other Country Specific Trade Associations:
Cyprus Commercial Representatives Association (CCRA)

P.O. Box 1455
Tel: 00357 2669500
Fax: 00357 2667593

Lithuanian Association of Commercial Agents

P.O. Box 3464
LT03014  Vilnius
Tel: +37 0 686 261 02
Fax: +37 0 620 298 76



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