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Frequently Asked Questions


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For The Employers

Posting Opportunities:

Q: How do I edit my opportunity listing?
A: Log in to your account, or if you are already logged in, choose the "My Account" link. Find your current listing under "My Opportunities" and click "Edit". Make your changes and click "SAVE". Your opportunity is automatically updated.

Q: How do independent sales representatives find out about opportunities on your site?
A: When sales representatives register on our site, they fill out a form indicating the type of opportunity they are interested in, including their desired industry and geographical location. Whenever an opportunity is posted or renewed, we match it up with these interested sales reps and send them an email alert. If they are interested, they will contact you directly through the contact information you have provided or by utilizing the contact form on your job listing. In addition, many sales reps who are not registered routinely browse our site, and can contact you through the email address listed on your opportunity listing.

Q: I signed up for your service and created an opportunity but it says it is incomplete.
A: We review all new listings to ensure that there is no profanity or spam. This review process is typically completed in 48 hours or less. Once your listing is approved, its status will change from "incomplete" to "active" and will be live on the site. Also, listings that have not yet been paid for via credit card will also be in "incomplete" status.

Q: How do I get my company's logo to show up in my listing?
A: In your account, choose "Edit Profile". Near the bottom of the form is a field for uploading your company logo. Click Browse to select an image from your computer. It must be in gif or jpeg format. Once uploaded, it will appear on any active opportunities that you have listed.

Q: How do I cancel my opportunity advertisement?
A: In your account, under "LISTED OPPORTUNITIES", click "Cancel This Ad" next to the advertisement you wish to cancel.

Connecting with Sales Reps

Q: Will you send me a list of independent sales reps to contact?
A: No. We feel that cold-calling sales reps from database lists is a time consuming and ineffective process.  Your primary roll will be talking to and screening the reps that make contact with your company. Reps who are registered in our system are notified of your posting through opportunity alerts, sending them only those opportunities that are in their desired industry and location. Others browse our listings frequently, on and assorted other job boards, and contact you through our website.

Q: How many contacts with independent sales representatives will I receive from using your site?
A: This varies greatly from a handful of contacts to hundreds of contacts.  Our service will get you in front of your target audience of independent sales reps.  After that, the actual level of interest that your product generates is ultimately determined by the marketability of your product and the expected market demand for your product.

Q: I’ve had much success using and I want to maintain an ongoing presence. Is this possible?
A: Yes, many companies who successfully maintain an active outside sales force understand that it is an ever changing environment and understand the value of maintaining an ongoing presence to attract new independent reps that are looking for new products to sell.  This is the primary reason behind the Featured Listing option.  Thus at a six-month discount rate, companies can always have a way to maintain a highlighted, top of category presence.


Q: Do you provide references?
A: We do not believe in providing a hand-picked list of “Friends” to provide us with a positive reference of our site’s performance.  Instead, we believe that our current customers provide our best “REAL” reference.  So feel free to contact any of our customers that are currently using our service to find out about their actual experiences (see contact information in their listing).

Q: What should I offer as a commission rate?
A: Commission rates vary greatly across different industries and product categories.  Many factors go into the determination of an appropriate rate such as sales volume, product margins, sales cycle times, etc.  Your best bet is to talk to the various trade associations within your particular industry.  Ultimately, the commission rate must work with the overall cost structure of your product offering.


Sales Representatives

Finding Sales Opportunities

Q: How do I browse current sales opportunities?
A: You may browse sales opportunities by industry categories or use our sales opportunity search form to enter specific criteria for finding current sales listings.

Q: Why am I not receiving opportunity alerts?
A: There are a few possible reasons why you may not be receiving opportunity alerts:

  1. Opportunity alerts are sent via email when a manufacturer posts or renews an opportunity. If you did not enter a valid email address when you signed up, you will not receive these emails. You can change your email address in your account area. Log on and click on the "Edit Information" link to change your email and other personal information.
  2. Your spam filter may be blocking our emails from reaching you. Be sure to add to your "whitelist" or "safe list" in your email program.
  3. Your search criteria may be too specific. Broaden your search criteria by creating a new opportunity alert.

Q: I found a job and no longer wish to receive emails. How do I delete my email address from your system?
A: We only send emails notifying you of jobs that match your opportunity alerts. To delete your opportunity alerts, log in to your account. Click on the "delete link" next to the opportunity alert for which you no longer wish to receive emails.

To delete your entire account, please send an email to


Q: How do I change my password or email address?
A: Independent Sales Representatives can change their password, email address, and other information by logging into their account and selecting "Edit Information". If changing your password, ensure that you enter the new password correctly into both fields. Usernames cannot be changed.

Q: Do you share my personal information with other companies or third-parties?
A: Global Representation LLC does not release any of your personal information, including that contained on the "Edit Information" page to manufacturers or third parties. We do not share or sell your email address.