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FEATURED: Challenge Electronics, Inc.: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Audio component supplier
FEATURED: TorcUP Inc.: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
TorcUP SEEKS DISTRIBUTORS AND SALES REPS! We are a designer and manufacturer of industrial torque equipment.
FEATURED: International Chemical Products, Inc.: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Looking for Exclusive Stocking Distributor to sell US EPA Tested/Verified, Award Winning Green Product PICKLEX® 20 One Step Metal Prep. which eliminates all Hazardous/Toxic chemicals such as, Solvent, Acid, Phosphate, Chromate etc. including Sanding/Blasting, which are presently used in the Meta
FEATURED: Parry, Murphy and Associates: Target Country / Region -- North America
We are looking for individuals throughout the United States and Canada
FEATURED: Nathan Direct Inc dba Kunancase: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
SALES REP WANTED for two unique lines- KUNAN CASE TRAVEL CASES and Fashionable storage solutions for jewelry and watches
FEATURED: Ultra Spec Cable, Inc.: Target Country / Region -- United States
In business for 20+ years. Specializing in all kinds of cables.
FEATURED: Datum FIling Systems, Inc.: Target Country / Region -- Central and South America
US Manufacturer of Storage and Filing Solutions.
FEATURED: VALUE SMART PRODUCTS, INC.: Target Country / Region -- Europe and CIS
FEATURED: Deshler Group: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Muffler Hangers, Hood, Rods, Tow Hooks needs independent sales reps
FEATURED: Yoropen Corporation: Target Country / Region -- United States
A truly innovated ergonomic pen manufacturer is looking for reps in USA with innovated thought and proactive action.
Airex Manufacturing Inc: Target Country / Region -- Western Europe
Outdoor aesthetic, sustainable, energy efficient, product that seal penetrating piping through exterior walls, and outdoor refrigerant piping insulation protection from UV exposure. For both commercial and residential applications. Our products are specifically located between the area of the ou
**NEW | Innovative | Patented | Cooling Coffee Lids | Spill-Proof & Burn-Proof | Patented, Innovative Grab & Go Coffee ?? Solution!** : Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
***LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY! | NEW INNOVATIVE & PATENTED Products!***LIMITED TIME OFFER - Distribution & Sales Opportunity for qualified, experienced representatives! Join us to become part of the future of coffee drinking!
Inetpet: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
The only lifetime vet’s medical records cloud storage accessible worldwide.
Magnetec Inspection, Inc,: Target Country / Region -- United States
Sales to major refineries, petrochemical or related industries with heat exchange equipment, tanks, piping.
Sumter Coatings: Target Country / Region -- United States
Looking for sales representatives actively calling on Steel-Ornamental Suppliers.
IHS Software, LLC: Target Country / Region -- United States
"ReadyToShip" Customer Order Picking System allows a picker to ACCURATELY and QUICKLY pick multiple orders during one pass through a warehouse. No subsequent sort or verification process is needed. After picking, the orders are indeed "Read"
Samtech Extraktionstechnik GmbH: Target Country / Region -- North America
We are looking for independent sales representatives in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and South America.
KARB ITALIA SRL: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Italian manufacturer of Electric Motors and pumps looking to establish long-term relationships with independent sales representatives.
Hains Herbal LLC: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
There is a paradigm shift from treating illnesses to maintaining wellness. Jobelyn is a leader in the wellness sector. Take the right antioxidant and live a long and healthy life. This has been confirmed by the Buck Institute, the leading anti-aging institute in the USA. The USDA (United States
Media Development Company: Target Country / Region -- United States
If you are an independent sales rep that sells multimedia products and services, please contact us. Architectural Imaging, cd-rom electronic catalogue, multimedia cd-rom, cd-rom directories, cd-rom portfolios, educational cd-rom, 2d and 3d animation, web site design, web site hosting, search
Bircom Telekomunikasyon: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Phone call accounting and billing software solutions, phone call analyses and management, phone call reports based on CDR records, call shop solutions
MW Distributors: Target Country / Region -- United States
We are manufacturers of high end furniture for both office and home
ActionExport: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Manufacturers of FURNITURE in PINE WOOD wanting to expand sales through independent sales representation.
Sri Balaji Emporium: Target Country / Region -- United States
Looking forward to receive new opportunities to increase sales in the region.
Champion Manufacturing Co.: Target Country / Region -- United States
Champion Manufacturing Co. manufacturers Wire mesh, wire cloth, screens.
World Pharm Resource srl: Target Country / Region -- United States
CREATE BUSINESS WITH US! Become a distributor partner.
Klutch Design, LLC: Target Country / Region -- United States
We are looking for representatives to sell our high quality, made in America stone and tile, water jet cut medallions, borders, floor patterns, accent pieces, table tops and other architectural designs. Our products are characterized as high end.
Higold Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd: Target Country / Region -- United States
Higold Hardware Manufacturing Co. supplies the shopping trolleys for super markets.
ACHB Enterprise: Target Country / Region -- United States
Looking for sales reps, We manufacture precision parts and tools. A OEM/ODM company, ISO/TS16949 certified
ningbo keluosi garment factory: Target Country / Region -- United States
Buyers wanted - Ningbo Keluosi Garment Factory. We sell the winter jackets all year round.
ursPro: Target Country / Region -- United Kingdom
Most advanced estate agents website solution. High commission, good close, excellent product.
AB Marketers, LLC: Target Country / Region -- United States
We sell unique Personal Aid Products like pillows, comfort cushions, sleep aids, herbals, BBQ products, Alpaca slippers, rugs & Teddy Bears, Here are some of our brands. DeluxeComfort_com - Many products and descriptions!! ex. Better Sleep Pillow� - created two Arm Tunnel.
ursPro: Target Country / Region -- United States
Most advanced realty website solution. High commission, good close, excellent product.
Brush Research Mfg.Co.,Inc.: Target Country / Region -- Taiwan
Brush Research Mfg. is a leading manufacturer of flexible honing and deburring products with world wide distribution.
Western Ecology, LLC: Target Country / Region -- United States
Manufacturer's Reps needed for all states and Territories within the continental US and Alaska.

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