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FEATURED: TorcUP Inc.: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
TorcUP SEEKS DISTRIBUTORS AND SALES REPS! We are a designer and manufacturer of industrial torque equipment.
FEATURED: International Chemical Products, Inc.: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Looking for Exclusive Stocking Distributor to sell US EPA Tested/Verified, Award Winning Green Product PICKLEX® 20 One Step Metal Prep. which eliminates all Hazardous/Toxic chemicals such as, Solvent, Acid, Phosphate, Chromate etc. including Sanding/Blasting, which are presently used in the Meta
Magnetec Inspection, Inc,: Target Country / Region -- United States
Sales to major refineries, petrochemical or related industries with heat exchange equipment, tanks, piping.
Sumter Coatings: Target Country / Region -- United States
Looking for sales representatives actively calling on Steel-Ornamental Suppliers.
IHS Software, LLC: Target Country / Region -- United States
"ReadyToShip" Customer Order Picking System allows a picker to ACCURATELY and QUICKLY pick multiple orders during one pass through a warehouse. No subsequent sort or verification process is needed. After picking, the orders are indeed "Read"
Samtech Extraktionstechnik GmbH: Target Country / Region -- North America
We are looking for independent sales representatives in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and South America.
KARB ITALIA SRL: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Italian manufacturer of Electric Motors and pumps looking to establish long-term relationships with independent sales representatives.
Champion Manufacturing Co.: Target Country / Region -- United States
Champion Manufacturing Co. manufacturers Wire mesh, wire cloth, screens.
Higold Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd: Target Country / Region -- United States
Higold Hardware Manufacturing Co. supplies the shopping trolleys for super markets.
Brush Research Mfg.Co.,Inc.: Target Country / Region -- Taiwan
Brush Research Mfg. is a leading manufacturer of flexible honing and deburring products with world wide distribution.
Western Ecology, LLC: Target Country / Region -- United States
Manufacturer's Reps needed for all states and Territories within the continental US and Alaska.
Jamestown Advanced Products Corporation: Target Country / Region -- United States
Custom Sheetmetal fabricator and powder coat finisher.
PestWest USA LLC AND PestWest Environmental: Target Country / Region -- United States
PestWest offers insect light traps, pheromone traps AND bacterial cleaning product formulated for cleaning drains and such for food service and other markets. We also manufacture a world class and revolutionary recycling product called the Vapor Vacuum L
Lightsmith Inc.: Target Country / Region -- Western Europe
High quality adjustable hole cutters for industrial and commercial installers of recessed lighting fixtures, in-ceiling speakers, closed circuit TV, and similar installation requirements.
4G Ingenieria S.A de C.V.: Target Country / Region -- United States
Looking for a sales representative in USA and Canada, with experience in Automotive industry, specially in Material handling equipment.
SHIJIAZHAUNG RONGKE METAL PRODUCTS COM.,LTD: Target Country / Region -- United States
We supply all kinds of G.I wire, annealed iron wire, wire mesh and nails.
GGB Bearing Technology: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
GGB is the worls's largest manufacturer of high performance self lubricating plain bearings
Smorgon Optical Machine-Tools Plant: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Smorgon Optical Machine-Tools Plant -- We make unique industrial equipment
Kentsel Makina: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Manufacturer of Light Construction machinery looking to join forces with independent sales representatives
Factory Insite, Inc.: Target Country / Region -- United States
Grow your commissions by helping midsize manufacturing firms grow in productivity and profitability.
Diamond Service: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Looking for sales agents for diamond tool for stone, bulding, and ceramic sector.
GEMA OIL: Target Country / Region -- United States
JSC "Kanat": Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
The largest manufacturer and exporter of synthetic twisted and braided ropes, cords and twines in Russia.


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