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Independent Sales Representation Opportunities


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FEATURED: TorcUP Inc.: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
TorcUP SEEKS DISTRIBUTORS AND SALES REPS! We are a designer and manufacturer of industrial torque equipment.
Airex Manufacturing Inc: Target Country / Region -- Western Europe
Outdoor aesthetic, sustainable, energy efficient, product that seal penetrating piping through exterior walls, and outdoor refrigerant piping insulation protection from UV exposure. For both commercial and residential applications. Our products are specifically located between the area of the ou
Sumter Coatings: Target Country / Region -- United States
Looking for sales representatives actively calling on Steel-Ornamental Suppliers.
MW Distributors: Target Country / Region -- United States
We are manufacturers of high end furniture for both office and home
ActionExport: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Manufacturers of FURNITURE in PINE WOOD wanting to expand sales through independent sales representation.
Champion Manufacturing Co.: Target Country / Region -- United States
Champion Manufacturing Co. manufacturers Wire mesh, wire cloth, screens.
Klutch Design, LLC: Target Country / Region -- United States
We are looking for representatives to sell our high quality, made in America stone and tile, water jet cut medallions, borders, floor patterns, accent pieces, table tops and other architectural designs. Our products are characterized as high end.
Ezebreak, LLC: Target Country / Region -- Europe and CIS
Ezebreak Rock and concrete breaking systems. Compact demolition system.
SHIJIAZHAUNG RONGKE METAL PRODUCTS COM.,LTD: Target Country / Region -- United States
We supply all kinds of G.I wire, annealed iron wire, wire mesh and nails.
Kentsel Makina: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Manufacturer of Light Construction machinery looking to join forces with independent sales representatives
Looking for highly effective sales representation for our world class quality products.
Bueno Import & Export: Target Country / Region -- Europe and CIS
We are looking for Manufacturers representatives & distributors all over world. For expanding our export sale, interested parties may contact directly.
Aditragh Industries.: Target Country / Region -- Europe and CIS
Motorcycle and auto parts manufacturer looking to develop relationship with sales representatives
Al Tayar Plastic & Rubber Mfg. Co: Target Country / Region -- Brazil
Global manufacturer of PVC and PE products seeking independent commercial representatives.
Diamond Service: Target Country / Region -- WorldWide
Looking for sales agents for diamond tool for stone, bulding, and ceramic sector.


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