Company: simpedil Target Country / Region: WorldWide
Contact:sveva camurati Available Territories:
Address:via A.Grandi 19
Trezzo sull'Adda, Italy 20056, Italy
Industry: Construction and Building Materials
Construction and Building Materials
Construction and Building Materials
Phone: 3398420767 Email:
Fax: 0290939778 Website
Employer Type:Manufacturer
we manifacture cutting and bending machines ,completely made in italy ,used on construction sites worldwide Looking for distributors and vendors

Target Markets:
light construction equipment
Sales Opportunity Description:
Our company SIMPEDIL srl is an italian leader in the production of Bar Cutting & Bending Machines for concrete reinforcing rods up to diameter 60mm. Our products are positioned almost worldwide. We have all the components in stock and this permit us give fast deliveries. Kindly notice that we have a Technical department at complete disposal for any kind of information, this means we are open to study solutions for every specific need and to customize our machines to the client's needs . All our products are completely made in our Italian factory
We are looking for a professional and reliable reseller in different Countries and also we would like to discuss a collaboration with people with sales experience in different Countries