**NEW | Innovative | Patented | Cooling Coffee Lids | Spill-Proof & Burn-Proof | Patented, Innovative Grab & Go Coffee ?? Solution!**

Company: Coollid Corporation Target Country / Region: WorldWide
Contact:John Joseph Available Territories:USA Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Asia China, Japan, Korea
Address:6701 Democracy Blvd
Bethesda, Maryland 20817, United States
Industry: Hospitality and Food and Beverage
Packaging Products
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***LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY! | NEW INNOVATIVE & PATENTED Products!***LIMITED TIME OFFER - Distribution & Sales Opportunity for qualified, experienced representatives! Join us to become part of the future of coffee drinking!

Target Markets:
USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, European Union Countries (UK, France etc), Asia (China, Japan, Korea), UAE, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Wo
Sales Opportunity Description:
Why would you pursuit opportunities without intellectual property rights? We currently have an OPEN ROAD available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY in SELECTED REGIONS!

**Cooling Coffee Lids | Spill-Proof & Burn-Proof | Patented, Innovative Grab & Go Coffee ?? Solution!**

The Grab & Go Coffee Solution is FINALLY here!

We hold granted patents of its hot beverage consumption and packaging technologies in every major market in the world. The company is focused on bringing hot coffee and tea lovers the most advanced technology for drinking quick service hot beverages in comfort.

We have conducted extensive research & development in the hot beverage packaging and manufacturing industry to create the perfect product to help consumers enjoy their favorite hot beverages without watering them down with ice to cool, while helping prevent burns and accidental spills. Our products help create a Spill-Proof, Burn-Proof drinking experience.

Our inventor looked at the market and saw a huge opportunity to make a difference. On a perfect sunny day in Malibu, California, during a business meeting, the founder of our company burned his mouth with a hot beverage. The vision was born.

Now we have a better way and solution to this problem. No more burning. Our lids and cups are changing the way people enjoy hot beverages on the go! We are seeking qualified manufacturers and/or distributors as "Licensees" of our products in some of the countries that we hold patents WORLDWIDE.

Please view the 1 minute demo video on our COOLLID .com website or contact us directly for more information about the limited time opportunity.

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