Lane & McLaughlin Mfg, Inc

Company: Lane & McLaughlin Mfg, Inc Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Clifford Lane Available Territories:
Address:PO Box 619
Darlington, South Carolina 29540, United States
Industry: Industrial Products and Services
Packaging Products
Phone: 843-758-2813 Email:
Fax: 843-395-2970 Website
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Manufacturer of tooling and repair parts for producers of paper cups and bowls, plastic, and plastic containers for food packaging.

Target Markets:
Tooling and repair parts for machines that make paper cups and bowls.
Sales Opportunity Description:
Our company is equipped with modern computer controlled metalworking machines that cover the full range of manufacturing capability, turning, milling, heat treating, grinding, sawing, welding, and computer aided design. We concentrate on selling repair parts that an ordinary machine shop cannot produce.