Ban Seng Lee Indutries Sdn. Bhd.

Company: Ban Seng Lee Industries Sdn. Bhd. Target Country / Region: Western Europe
Contact:Richard Ngiam Available Territories:
Address:Lot 4220 Persimpangan Jalan Batu Arang/Lebuhraya PLUS
Rawang, Selangor 48000, Malaysia
Industry: Contract Manufacturing
Electrical and Electronic Products
Industrial Products and Services
Phone: 60122007148 Email:
Fax: 60360920727 Website
Employer Type:
We are looking for Sales Rep to represent us. We are offering contract manufacturing to companies who want their product to be manufactured in Asia by a responsible and reliable company in Malaysia.

Target Markets:
Companies who want to outsource the manufacturing of their product to Asia, particularly to Malaysia.
Sales Opportunity Description:
Our strengths are

a) 40 years in manufacturing

b) Various key processes available in-house in one location such as
i) PCB Assembly (10 SMT lines, 20 (RH,AV and JVK) machines and 8 Manual Insertion lines and 6 Final Assembly lines)
ii) metal stamping (80 stamping presses)
iii) hot forging
iv) plastic moulding
v) fibre laser cutting and CNC press brake
vi) CNC machining
vii) various type of welding including robot welding and spot welding
viii) roll forming
ix) dies & tools fabrication and
x) powder coating (year end ready).

c) Procurement services, warehousing and logistics support.

d) Medium size company suitable to provide dedicated attention to each individual client and capable of low/mid quantity contracts.

e) ISO 9001 and 14001 certified by DQS of Germany.

f) Currently manufacturing for European, Japanese and Korean companies involved in consumer electronics, industrial product, agricultural product, automotive, etc.

g) We can also manufacture and market your product under license for South East Asia or Asia Pacific market.