Parry, Murphy and Associates

Company: Parry Murphy and Associates Target Country / Region: North America
Contact:Michael Parry Available Territories:
Address:5801 Buttrick Ave SE
Alto, MI 49302, United States
Industry: Business to Business
Health Care and Beauty Aids
Phone: (616) 805-2040 Email:
Fax: Website
Employer Type:
We are looking for individuals throughout the United States and Canada

Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity Description:
Parry, Murphy and Associates helps its clients obtain better pricing from its suppliers. This particular opportunity relates to what we do for clients to help them reduce the pricing that they pay to their waste haulers. For waste disposal, we save our clients, on average, in excess of 32%. In some cases it has been as high as 80%.

How does this opportunity work?
We provide an authorized sales representative with a one page letter that they hand deliver to organizations that have waste containers on their premises. We provide the sales rep with a dedicated telephone number and email address that is shown on their hand delivered letter. In the one page letter we offer to do a free assessment to see if there are opportunities for better pricing. Once the organization has responded to your letter, you turn it over to us and we will take it from there.

For this specific opportunity, we only award one county to one sales representative.

How much can you earn?
For all organizations that respond to your letter and who become a client where we help them get better pricing, we will pay you the following sales commission: 10% on the first $100,000 of fees received. 20% on the next $200,000 of fees received and 35% on any fees received in excess of $300,000. On the annual anniversary of the first commission paid, the percentage starts over at 10%.
For example:
If we receive $100,000 in fees in a year, your payment will be $10,000.
If we receive $300,000 in fees in a year, your payment will be $50,000.
If we receive $400,000 in fees in a year, your payment will be $75,000.
If we receive $1,000,000 in fees in a year, your payment will be $225.000

Are you interested?
Please contact us, in the first instance, at