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Looking for Exclusive Stocking Distributor to sell US EPA Tested/Verified, Award Winning Green Product PICKLEX® 20 One Step Metal Prep. which eliminates all Hazardous/Toxic chemicals such as, Solvent, Acid, Phosphate, Chromate etc. including Sanding/Blasting, which are presently used in the Metal Surface Preparation Process before Finishing. The Unit Cost for the product is Few Cents per Sq. Ft., but the actual Product cost comes out to be below Zero after use, because of eliminating one or more traditional process steps. PICKLEX® 20 performs multiple jobs such as, removes Mill oil/water based Cutting Fluid, Flash Rust/White Rust, applies a Conversion/Protective coating which provides years of Indoor Rust Protection (more than 8 to 10 years) and completely prepares the metal surface for Welding, Priming, Painting, Electrostatic Painting, Powder Coating etc., saving a lot of Labor, Time & Cost, all in a simple One Step Process.

Target Markets:
Metal Fab, OEM, Car Part Mfg, Machine Shop, Stamping, MRO, Army fab, Injection Molding, Painting, Powder Coating, Welding, Construction, Oil & Gas, Agriculture etc.
Sales Opportunity Description:
Looking for Financially Sound Exclusive Stocking Distributor in overseas coutries to stock Picklex® 20 One Step Metal Prep. in Bulk quantities (275 gallons Totes), re-package (including Private lebelling) and resell to all kinds of metal industries who uses any metal (Ferrous & Non-ferrous), including Injection Molding industry, Die & Tool manufacturers, Metal Fabrication & Construction. Inquiries should be from existing Distributors only (not from any individual agent). Picklex® 20 has an Indefinite Shelf Life, when stored indoors under shaded area. It has a huge market in any industry including Maintenance and has no competition. Even though the retail price of the product seems high, but due to the huge coverage (over 1600 sq. ft. per gallon), no wastage and eliminating one or more tradition process steps in metal surface preparation, the product cost goes below Zero. In fact, it saves a lot of Labor, Time & Cost.

Picklex® 20 is environmentally safe, non-hazardous, water based & ready to use product. Picklex® 20 is Developed and Made In USA.

Picklex® 20 completely solves all quality problems in the metal industries such as, the Rusting problem, very long term Indoor/outdoor Rust Protection, Welding failure & Adhesion failure for all kind of Metal (ferrous & non-ferrous).

Since 1998, there has been Zero Welding and Adhesion (bonding) failure, which reduced the Re-work to Zero, saving a lot of labor, time & cost.

Usually the Payback is immediately after using the Product, whether Picklex® 20 is used for one application or more than one application (with more money back, depending on how many steps are eliminated).

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Complete Training & Technical Support will be provided.


National Award 2001, USA (MVP 2 award)
Edison Award Winner 2013 (Global Award)
Nominated for Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award 2005, USA


Picklex® 20 has been in use by a lot of Major companies such as, Goodrich Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Draxlmaier Automotive, Bechtel International, Space X etc., including different industries such as, OEM, Metal fabricating, Machine shop, metal working, Marina, Mining, Farm equipment, Dept. of Transportation (Bridge), Aerospace, Military fabrication, Steel Tank manufacturer, Maintenance etc. as well as in Automotive aftermarket (PBE) since 1998 with great success.

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