Airex Manufacturing Inc

Company: Airex Manufacturing Inc. Target Country / Region: Western Europe
Contact:Alex Lechuga Available Territories:
Address:72170 Dunham Way, Ste. D
Thousand Palms, California 92276, United States
Industry: Construction and Building Materials
Architectural Products
Business to Business
Phone: 7603432277 Email:
Fax: 7603432277 Website
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Outdoor aesthetic, sustainable, energy efficient, product that seal penetrating piping through exterior walls, and outdoor refrigerant piping insulation protection from UV exposure. For both commercial and residential applications. Our products are specifically located between the area of the outdoor HVAC equipment to exterior building wall area. Mini-Splits/Ductless units, Rooftop units, and Central Distribution units.

Target Markets:
Air Conditioning Distributors
Sales Opportunity Description:
Our focus is to establish sales and relationships with HVAC Distributors, HVAC contractors, architects, HVAC engineers, and local Societies of HVAC engineers, designers, and specifiers to fulfill the ongoing evolution of market demand and building energy efficiency code requirements. Incorporated in 2009 and based in Southern California we are a proud U.S. Manufacturer of innovative patented products for the Building and HVAC Industries. All of our superior products have been innovated thru intense engineering, smart design, premium material selection, and rigorous laboratory testing and are now the #1 choice in the US PRO HVAC industry within the wall refrigerant piping penetration outlet seals and outdoor refrigerant piping insulation protection categories.