Advent Media Group

Company: Advent Media Group Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Rob Lutz Available Territories:
Address:205 West 4th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States
Industry: Advertising Products
Phone: 513-421-2267 Email:
Fax: 513-421-2274 Website
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Local advertising in Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Woman's Day magazines.

Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity Description:
AMG has an exclusive agreement with Hearst for their Women's Network - consisting of Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Woman's Day magazine. We sell local, statewide and regional ads in these three leading women's magazines but to a targeted subscription only audience This gives our clients the opportunity to reach women 35 - 54 in their favorite monthly magazines. We work with hospitals, insurance, banks, jewelry stores, regional grocery chains, travel industry and CVB's and more...Excellent potential for high income.