Challenge Electronics, Inc.

Company: Challenge Electronics Target Country / Region: WorldWide
Contact:Steve Lubman Available Territories:
Address:95 E Jefryn Blvd
Deer Park, New York 11729, United States
Industry: Electrical and Electronic Products
Safety, Emergency, and Security
Telecommunication Products and Services
Phone: +1 631 595 2217 Email:
Fax: +1 631-667-5484 Website
Employer Type:
Audio component supplier

Target Markets:
Manufacturing - Medical, Transportation, Consumer Electronics, Security
Sales Opportunity Description:
Challenge Electronics’ core business is sound

This enables us to be highly effective in delivering the most meaningful solutions to our key markets such as medical instrumentation, consumer appliances, automotive and marine systems…any application with an audio component.

Challenge Electronics makes a wide variety of audible devices including piezoelectric alarms, buzzers, transducers, speakers and microphones. In virtually every product area, we are well-positioned to provide high quality, competitive prices, responsive service and availability.

We also maintain an elite line of battery snaps, holders and resonators to address specific OEM needs for portable, back-up power and timing signals.