Samtech Extraktionstechnik GmbH

Company: Samtech Extraktionstechnik GmbH Target Country / Region: North America
Contact:Barbara Wolfsbauer Available Territories:
Address:Jaegerzeile 34
Mannersdorf, A 2452, Austria
Industry: Industrial Products and Services
Hospitality and Food and Beverage
Phone: +43 650 501 88 04 Email:
Fax: Website
Employer Type:
We are looking for independent sales representatives in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and South America.

Target Markets:
Food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry (flavors, essences); Universities (R&D)
Sales Opportunity Description:
Our products: Extraction Systems for the food processing, natural cosmetic and phyto-pharmaceutical industry - natural flavors, herbal liquors, food supplements "functional food", herbal medicine "nutraceuticals".

Contact: Barbara Wolfsbauer,