Bircom Telekomunikasyon

Company: Bircom Telekomunikasyon Target Country / Region: WorldWide
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Address:Sultan Selim Cad.
4. Levent, Istanbul 34416, Turkey
Industry: Telecommunication Products
Electrical and Electronic Products
Computer and Software Supplies
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Employer Type:Manufacturer
Phone call accounting and billing software solutions, phone call analyses and management, phone call reports based on CDR records, call shop solutions

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Sales Opportunity Description:
Founded in 1972, Bircom offers value added technical support and services on PABX systems and telecommunication networks to its corporate customers on a worlwide scale.

Based on its long experience in voice networks, Bircom has developed Call Accounting and Billing software, compatible with both conventional and IP based PABX systems.

The Callipso Anayzer product line covers a complete range of professional solutions for large corporations as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

Due to its user-friendly interface, easy to use management tools and numerous dynamically generated reports, Callipso Analyzer has acquired a significant customer base since its launch in 2003.

Our newest product release, the Callipso Call Shop solution, is a user-friendly call shop billing system to assist you in charging your customers at rates and in currencies of your choice.

Bircom is always enthusiastically seeking organizations that specialize in providing communications solutions (i. E. Telecommunications equipment manufacturers, interconnects, telephone companies and systems integrators) to distribute our products in their countries. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our success.