ACHB Enterprise

Company: ACHB Enterprise CO LTD Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Maggie Hsieh Available Territories:
Address:No. 300-5, Sec.2, Chung Shang Rd.
Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan 829, Taiwan
Industry: Contract Manufacturing
Aerospace and Aviation Products
Electrical and Electronic Products
Phone: +886-934-084-585 Email:
Fax: +886-7-6998975 Website
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Looking for sales reps, We manufacture precision parts and tools. A OEM/ODM company, ISO/TS16949 certified

Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity Description:
ACHB manufactures a variety of applications, tools and parts. We have the experience to quickly understand and meet your needs.

We manufacture and exports parts to worldwide, serve all different industries

Aerospace, Appliance, Automotive, Communications Computer, Electronic Components, Fiber Optic Interconnect, Medical ,Office Automation.

A OEM/ODM company, ISO/TS16949 certified