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We sell unique Personal Aid Products like pillows, comfort cushions, sleep aids, herbals, BBQ products, Alpaca slippers, rugs & Teddy Bears, Here are some of our brands. DeluxeComfort_com - Many products and descriptions!! ex. Better Sleep Pillow� - created two Arm Tunnel.

Target Markets:
USA & Canada
Sales Opportunity Description:
Our company is young and our products are fresh. All Our products are Patented , unique or Handmade. Our products standout from others and so does our company. We pay high commission and have high margins. As a manufactures rep. 10 -5% for the life of the client

The Pillow that Just makes sense!


Better Sleep Pillow -- combines certified space technology with ergonomic design by constructing a visco-elastic memory foam pillow supportive of every individuals? sleeping needs. This pillow is created with a center & side recess, which easily accommodates stomach, side and back sleepers, perfectly contouring the upper body while in any sleeping position. This hypo-allergenic, heat-sensitive memory foam is the most advanced orthopedic pillow on the market today!

Leg Wedge Pillow
Dual purpose contour leg spacer knee wedge and leg elevation pillow is designed to fit the natural curves of your body and legs, cradling you in comfort.

Comfort Body Pillow
You are going to make lots of sales earnings with the Comfort Body Pillow that provides total gentle support for 78% of Americans who sleep on their side. The Comfort Body Pillow is especially made for side sleepers, so they will forget about tossing and turning during the night. Your customers will love this memory foam pillow because it maintains the body correctly aligned relieving back and neck pains.

Traveller Neck Pillow
The Traveller Neck Pillow brings better health and pain relief while traveling in any vehicle, anytime, anywhere. This neck support pillow provides comfortable rest as you travel or while you are at home. It also cradles you in comfort and relieves pressure, prevents a stiff neck and alleviates soreness. Above all, it's a great quality pillow that your customers will love to have.

Boyfriend Body Pillow
The Boyfriend Body Pillow is a soft body pillow that resembles the torso of a big strong man with a comforting arm that cuddles you. This cozy pillow is of great fun for the user, singles who want to feel the touch of a man without having one, love it too

Alpaca Fur Fuzzy Slippers
These gorgeous moccasin style unisex slippers are made of the softest and most luxurious material in the World, Baby Alpaca Fur. These elegant slippers are softer than cashmere and keep your feet warmer than sheepskin. Your customers will thank you for making them feel like Kings or Queens when they slip their feet into these silk and cotton lined alpaca fur slippers and feel the soft touch fur against their skin.

Wedge Pillow
The multifunctional Wedge Pillow eliminates the need to pile multiple pillows on top of each other to reach the desired effect of being propped up at the right angle. Besides keeping the body in the proper position, the Wedge Pillow is very versatile because it can be used as a Bed Pillow Wedge, an Acid Reflux Pillow; a Reading Pillow; a Snoring Pillow & a Leg Support Pillow

4 in 1 Memory Foam Pillow
Memory Foam Pillow 4 in 1 has multipurpose and multi-position features are especially designed to pad the strategic curves of your body. The memory foam pillow 4 in 1 practically sells itself because it relieves back pain, promotes right sitting posture, improves circulation, in knees and feet, and gives spinal alignment.

MacaEnhancer is a potent herbal sexual enhancer that effectively improves your sex life, strength, erection size, sperm count and volume. It combines the most powerful herbal remedies to promote natural male enhancement.

Comfort Soothe Memory Pillow
The Comfort Soothe Memory Pillow is a high-tech pillow that mixes the responsive support of thousands of tiny shredded memory foam cushions with the well-known comfort of a traditional shaped pillow. As it is filled with high-density shredded memory foam, The Comfort Soothe Memory Pillow gives you the comfort of a down pillow with the unique supportive and pressure relieving features of memory foam pillows.

Pushette Professional 18 Piece BBQ Tool Set
Now you can prepare a barbecue meal with a gourmet presentation that will impress your family and friends. Yes, you can have a great bbq meal without getting all messy. The BBQ Set includes The Magnetic Pushette® Skewers, which

Contour Memory Foam Neck Pillow with Sleeper Sack
The Contour Pillow will make disappear stiff neck because is an ergonomically designed neck pillow support that holds their neck in the proper position while they sleep cradling their head, neck, and shoulders with cozy cloud-like comfort. As an additional benefit they will get the Sleeper Sack fiberfill pillowcase which offers a hypoallergenic pillow cover which helps them breathe safely, excellent for people who suffer allergies and problems with asthma, snoring, and sleep apnea.

Pushette BBQ Skewers Set of 4
This exclusive set of four patented BBQ Skewers with the magnetic safe slide is easy to use, enhances your grilling experience and makes you look like a Professional Chef. With Pushette® Metal Skewers you can not only make your food presentation worthy of a fancy kabob restaurant, but also these grill tools also make your cooking more practical and efficient.

Lap Seatbelt Pad
Your customers will love Lap Seatbelt Pad� because it provides comfort while driving or riding. The Lap Seatbelt Pad™ has a unique design that relieves seat belt pressure on the abdomen or chest. Also, it's perfect for pregnant women, people with tender stomach areas resulting from recent medical procedures, skin irritation, or simply for the comfort of any driver or passenger. Don�t miss the chance to skyrocket with The Lap Seatbelt Pad�.

he Sleeper Sack is an ultra cozy hypoallergenic pillow cover that combines the latest technology with extra care and attention in its design and construction. The Sleeper Sack was made to fit our Deluxe Contour Pillow and provides the most luxurious, silky-soft, cool and comfortable sleeping surface available.

Relax & Rest with an herbal supplement created to calm the body, easing you into a deep, peaceful sleep! This scientifically developed and formulated relax and sleep aid is designed to simulate and boost the melatonin level in both male and female. The science behind Sleepatil� is setting a new standard for healthy and effective better sleep and is the most powerful natural formula on the market today!

Alpaca Fur Blanket / Rugs
Your customers will feel like Royalty with this exclusive luxury blanket made of the finest Alpaca fur. This Alpaca Fur blanket adds style to your home, lodge or cabin. Besides, this great product enriches the décor while maintaining you heat up during the nights with a warm comforter that is soothing, warm and beautiful to both the eye and the body.

Collectible Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear
One of our most popular and exclusive luxury gift items is the Collectible Teddy Bear by Deluxe Comfort. These Alpaca Fur Teddy Bears, made of the softest and most magnificent Andean Alpaca Fur, are not only soft and beautiful they are lightweight, durable, and resilient and do not shed. These charming Collectible Teddy Bears, are so cute and cuddly and your customers will fall in love with them, and you will fall in love with the high profits you will make selling these high quality Collectible Teddy Bears.

Melorrhoid is a revolutionary new hemorrhoid treatment system designed to calm irritated hemorrhoids and repair the tissue for lasting results. It is actually a set of two products that provide quick relief from pain and swelling, plus promote long-lasting results.

Fiberfill Cozy Cover
The Fiberfill Cozy Cover is made to perfectly fit your Sleep Better, providing the most luxurious, silky soft, cool and comfortable surface available. Unlike down or polyester filled pillow covers that may encourage bacterial growth and the presence of dust mites, the Fiberfill Cozy Cover is made of a special material that is mite-resistant to prevent the growth of bacteria. The Fiberfill Cozy Cover will benefit people who suffer from allergies, asthma, and people who snore.