Western Ecology, LLC

Company: Western Ecology, LLC Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Charles Cassagnol Available Territories:all
Address:PO. Box 6846
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502, United States
Industry: Agricultural Products
Industrial Products and Services
Environmental Products
Phone: 866-992-2793 Email: c.cassagnol@westernecology.com
Fax: 866-992-2793 Websitehttp://www.westernecology.com
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Manufacturer's Reps needed for all states and Territories within the continental US and Alaska.

Target Markets:
No-Till farmers
Sales Opportunity Description:
No- Till seeding implement tows benind tractor and increases productivity and yields. Added benefit of erosion control and increased stormwater infiltration. Especially valuable for low rainfall areas. Product recently received AE50 Award fron American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers for "Most Innovative New Product of 2005-2006. See website www.westernecology.com to register, click on sales & service fill out distributor request form.