TorcUP Inc.

Company: TorcUP Inc. Target Country / Region: WorldWide
Contact:John Kovacs Available Territories:WorldWide
Address:1025 Conroy Place
Easton, PA 18040, United States
Industry: Industrial Products and Services
Construction and Building Materials
Power Production Products
Phone: 610-250-5800 Email:
Fax: 610-250-2700 Website
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TorcUP SEEKS DISTRIBUTORS AND SALES REPS! We are a designer and manufacturer of industrial torque equipment.

Target Markets:
Heavy Industrial
Sales Opportunity Description:
TorcUP is the premier "MADE IN USA" designer and manufacturer of industrial torque equipment. Our tools are used to "Tighten" and "Loosen" large threaded fasteners in heavy industrial applications. We service every industry that uses "Nuts" and "Bolts" to fasten together equipment!

We Are Seeking:


If your background and experience is selling to Heavy Industry ... then you need to send your Resume and Cover Letter to TorcUP today!

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