Job Listings for Independent Sales Reps

With, employers can post their "help wanted" ads and immediately start getting connected with Independent Sales Reps that are interested in selling their products or services. Select an industry category below to view current opportunities.
(# of Listings)
      (1)  Advertising Products
      (1)  Aerospace and Aviation Products
      (3)  Agricultural Products
      (2)  Animal and Pet Products
      (5)  Architectural Products
      (5)  Arts and Crafts
      (6)  Automotive,Truck, and Motorcycle
      (8)  Beauty and Fashion
      (5)  Business to Business
      (4)  Cleaning and Maintenance Products
      (7)  Computer and Software Supplies
      (15)  Construction and Building Materials
      (4)  Contract Manufacturing
      (1)  Educational Materials
      (9)  Electrical and Electronic Products
      (5)  Environmental Products
      (2)  Ergonomic Products and Supplies
      (1)  Gas,Oil and Petroleum Products
      (10)  General Retail Products
      (7)  Gift and Toy Products
      (1)  Graphic and Printing Products
      (6)  Health Care and Beauty Aids
      (8)  Home Improvement and Garden
      (3)  Hospitality and Food and Beverage
      (23)  Industrial Products and Services
      (3)  Marine Products
      (2)  Medical Products and Accessories
      (2)  Office Supplies and Equipment
      (36)  Other
      (3)  Packaging Products
      (1)  Pollution Control and Purification
      (1)  Power Production Products
      (1)  Recreational and Sporting Equipt
      (1)  Recycling and Waste Handling Products
      (2)  Safety, Emergency, and Security
      (2)  Telecommunication Products and Services