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Global Representation may, at is sole discretion, remove or refuse to display any ads submitted. Additionally, Global Representation shall have complete authority and discretion on the way in which any advertisement is listed, displayed, searched, accessed, downloaded, copied, or in anyway used on its Site. By subscribing to or registering on the website, the User provides permission to Global Representation to disclose the information provided to other Users of our service. Global Representation is not responsible or liable for the subsequent use of the disclosed information. Global Representation reserves the right to remove advertisements from its Site, at is sole discretion. Global Representation is not responsible for any untruthfulness or misrepresentations contained in the advertiser’s posting. Global Representation is not a party to any agreements between the advertiser and the sales representative or agent and is not responsible for any claims these parties may have or bring against each other.

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All Users are fully responsible for the creation and maintenance of their individual account information and password. The User is responsible for safeguarding their account information and password against unauthorized use. Users are responsible to immediately notify Global Representation if any unauthorized use occurs on their account.

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Payment must be made by the customer prior to an advertisement appearing on the Site. Payment must be made by using an American Express, MasterCard, or Visa credit card. An order acknowledgement will be mailed to the email address provided by the customer. The advertisement will continue to be reposted in subsequent periods until a change or cancellation order is received from the customer. The “Featured Listing” status will only be maintained if an advertisement listing is renewed for an additional six (6) month period. No partial month or period refunds will be provided. Global Representation reserves the right to change its fees or billing methods at any time. Timely notice will be provided to affected customers of any such changes. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to promptly provide Global Representation with any contact or billing information changes.

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All Users of the Site are prohibited from using the Site, its posted information, or its tools, to send or generate unsolicited commercial email (Spam).

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