Company: ShockWatch Target Country / Region: WorldWide
Contact:Sabrina Armstrong Available Territories:
Address:510 Corporate Drive
Graham, TX 76450, United States
Industry: Industrial Products and Services
Gas,Oil and Petroleum Products
Power Production Products
Phone: 214-736-4576 Email:
Fax: 214-295-9022 Website
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Target customers:Power Generation OEMsFreight Forwarders/Logistics CompaniesAerospace OEMsHigh Tech OEMsOil & Gas Service or Operations CompaniesManufacturing OperationsChemical & Food ManufacturersPump, Motor, etc. OEMs

Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity Description:
Sales Opportunity:
• We are offering a 20% commission on revenue (device pricing ranges from approximately $2,000 - $10,000).
• Our products offer a great opportunity for reps that have strong relationships within our target industries to add a new line that will help their customers save money by tracking and monitoring their assets.
• We are the industry leader in transportation monitoring with over 40 years of experience in the field and our products are used by over 3,000 global customers and many of the World’s Fortune 500.
• We have also leveraged our experience in vibration and impact monitoring for transportation into truly differentiated devices that allow customers to monitor equipment in operation and identify issues before they turn into failures.
• We are really looking for reps that can quickly build enough product knowledge to identify opportunities and pitch the products. We have a technical sales and support team that can assist throughout the process and pick up the implementation portion of projects that require it. We really are looking for reps that will be hunters for us!