Air Burners, Inc.

Company: Air Burners, Inc. Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Norbert Fuhrmann Available Territories:CA, OR, WA, MT, ID, WY, NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM, HI, AK.
Address:4390 SW Cargo Way
Palm City, FL 37990, United States
Industry: Recycling and Waste Handling Products
Pollution Control and Purification
Power Production Products
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Employer Type:Manufacturer
Air Burners, Inc., based in Florida celebrating its 20th year is the leading manufacturer of air curtain burner system for wood waste reduction, including systems that convert biomass to electricity up to 1 Megawatt. The machines are shipped fully assembled and they are potable requiring no onsite assembly. They meet or exceed the US EPA regulation for air curtain burners and are considered a pollution control device to make the open pile burning of wood waste cleaner, thereby environmentally acceptable.

Target Markets:
Biomass to Energy Systems up to 1MW, Wood Disposal at Landfills & Transfer Stations, Forestry (Dead Tree Disposal, Wildfire Mitigation & Rehabilitation, Slash Dispo
Sales Opportunity Description:
The primary objective of Air Burners' machines is protecting the environment, but the air curtain burners are also the most economical method to dispose of clean vegetative waste in the target markets listed here. Wood waste treatment methods, such as chipping and grinding or composting have their place, but can dispose of only a small portion of the massive wood waste that accumulates each year, as their residual products, such as landscaping mulch, have a limited market place. Biomass to energy operation that support co-generation plants have generally proven to be failures, because of the required pre-processing and transportation cost to make the biomass acceptable to co-generation plants and their reliance on financial support from governments .

Air curtain "FireBoxes" are the best solution to help get rid of the millions of dead tress in the Western US killed by beetles and Air Burners' "PGFireBox Systems" should be employed, where practical, to convert the biomass to energy. This system does away with the costly pre-processing of biomass into suitable chips, as it is a "whole-log-burner" and as it can be relocated as the wood waste supply nearby is depleted, it overcomes the biomass transportation dilemma.

Air Burners machines are being employed worldwide and have been used throughout the US and Canada (also in the Western States, our present target market) for many years, including by the State of California, the US Forest Service, BLM, DOI and many more governmental entities and, of course, private enterprises.