Rauh Polymers Inc

Company: Rauh Polymers Inc. Target Country / Region: WorldWide
Contact:Joe Rauh Available Territories:
Address:420 Kenmore Blvd.
Akron, Ohio 44301, United States
Industry: Industrial Products and Services
Phone: 330-376-1120 Email: info@rauhpolymers.com
Fax: 330-376-5811 Websitehttp://www.rauhpolymers.com/
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Family owned and operated Plastic compounding company.

Target Markets:
Automotive, Electrical, Non-Automotive Transportation, Appliances, Toys & Sporting Goods, Misc. Consumer Goods, Misc. Industrial Goods, Food and Beverage.
Sales Opportunity Description:
We currently supply multiple Permaflex type materials as well as engineering grade PC/ABS and TPU's. PermaFlex can be seen as a Hytrel and Arnitel (two very big TPE's) replacement and is processed in a similar manner. There are different grades of Permaflex that we have developed for different applications. Most of the current applications are extrusion but Permaflex has very good injection molding attributes as well. Each can be either natural in color (no pigment or dye) or black.

The engineering grade PC/ABS and TPU's we supply include the following:
T-85 Black - an engineering grade, high flow, high heat PC/ABS compound
currently used in automotive applications

TPU - available in 80A, 85A, 90A, 65D and 75D ether extrusion and
injection grades, as well as multiple hardness's for adhesive and ester

Our business also regularly handles different types of glass and mineral
filled PC/ABS, clear and tinted copolyesters, and miscellaneous plastic
materials and chemicals servicing a wide range of industries.