Cool Air Products

Company: Cool Air Products Target Country / Region: WorldWide
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Address:5850 Waterloo Rd
Columbia, Maryland 21045, United States
Industry: Adhesives and Sealants
Construction and Building Materials
Industrial Products and Services
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We currently have three products we are manufacturing. AC SMARTSEAL, AC SMARTSEAL QUICKSHOT and Yoga Pipe.

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We are gaining a lot of traction with our AC SMARTSEAL, AC SMARTSEAL QUICKSHOT and our Yoga Pipe products. Both Sealants have been field tested for the past year and out performed all the competition hands down, our Retail Price Point has been a big selling point for us, Supplies can make over 50% Margins on AC SMARTSEAL. Yoga Pipe sells itself! Copper substitute, comparable to Revlock but YogaPipe bends and holds the bend- no cuts, no fittings so less potential for leaking, lower Price Point as well!
We would love the opportunity to meet with you all and introduce these products to you and your team.

Ken Lazorchak
VP Business Development

Cool Air Products, LLC
5850 Waterloo Rd., #140
Columbia, Maryland 21045