Loadmaster Systems, Inc.

Company: Loadmaster Systems, Inc. Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Charles Nunley Available Territories:North Texas including Dallas and Fort Worth North to the Oklahoma border..
Address:3100-E Northwoods Place
Norcross, GA 30071, United States
Industry: Construction and Building Materials
Architectural Products
Architectural Products
Phone: 800-527-4035 Email: lnunley@loadmaster.net
Fax: 770-381-1783 Websitehttp://loadmaster.net
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Loadmaster is the developer and manufacturer of a structural composite roof deck system used on all types of roof structures. Loadmaster Roof Decks are in their 48th year of use with over 500,000,000 sq. ft. of working installations in place in the United States. Sales Rep to call on Architects and Engineers to promote the system. Excellent commission structure.

Target Markets:
Architects and Engineers involved in designing and engineering institutional, public and owner owned long term life structures.
Sales Opportunity Description:
Loadmaster Roof Decks are promoted and sold by independent reps to Architects and Engineers. Loadmaster has unique performance qualities and can solve many unusual requirements on all types of structures. Design and Engineering of the system for specific structures are performed by Loadmaster's Technical Department in support of the Agents sales efforts. Designs can be sealed by a licensed structural engineer. Once specified on a project, installations are bid by a series of licensed and trained Loadmaster Dealers (Roof Deck / Roofing Contractors) located through the marketing territory. The Sales Rep does not get involved with any functions after the sale. All Dealer needs and requirements are handled through Loadmaster's office. A generous commission is paid to the Agent for creating the demand for the system and for the order placed by the successful bidding Dealer.