ET2C International Inc

Company: ET2C International Inc Target Country / Region: WorldWide
Contact:Richard Archer-Perkins Available Territories:
Address:23F Wangjiao Plaza
Shanghai, Shanghai 200002, China
Industry: Industrial Products and Services
Contract Manufacturing
Phone: 02153589600 Email:
Fax: Website
Employer Type:Service Provider

Target Markets:
Wholesalers, manufacturers in railroad, automotive industry
Sales Opportunity Description:
We are looking for seasoned and self-motivated outside sales reps to sell our manufacturing services, including casting, forging, machining, finishing and assembly from Asia to the rest of the world. The ideal candidate for this position will have at least 2 years of experience working as a sales representative, and must have excellent existing contacts. The qualified candidate will possess exceptionally strong communication skills This is a full time position. Distributors are welcome. Commission only.