Company: Managementor Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Robert Dobay Available Territories:
Address:Podmaniczky u. 57.
Budapest, 1064, Hungary
Industry: Business to Business
Educational Materials
Phone: +36304182037 Email:
Fax: Website
Employer Type:
We intend to establish International sales channel for our product, Managementor Leadership Development Application. The product is highly successfully in our country so we plan its international expansion. The innovative solution is not in place other country than Hungary so the market exploration is also part of the game.

Target Markets:
Telecommunication, Finance, Investment, Banking, Retail, Utilities, Manufacturing
Sales Opportunity Description:
The ideal candidate for us:

- is interested in technology / mobile apps / leadership or organizational development
- has wide connection / business relationship of HR or L&D experts
- has experience in service selling
- has experience with online marketing

Why would you be interested in becoming our business partner?

- You can sell a top notch, innovative product
- You can work from home (to a certain extent)
- The client is yours, additional consultancy / services could be sold
- No investment is required
- You can be part of our positive, highly motivating culture
- Training is provided for free (online and offline)

How will you benefit from becoming our business partner?

- You can grow you network of decision makers
- You can grow the sales in other territories
- End to end representation of a highly innovative product
- We will assist you in closing sales with full commission to you

What's your compensation structure?

- 20% comission is provided on each deal
- Commission is available on subscription renewal (no extra effort required) 5%
- If you dedicate your time and energy you could potentially earn $4.000 per month and $50.000 per year after a 2 weeks period of education and training
- No back orders planned, however it’s a subject of negotiation on client request

What makes you successful?

- Self starter (follow individual sales process by means of presales support)
- Systematic thinking
- Good verbal communication skills
- Good presentation skills (one to many)
- Experience in dealing with multiple decision makers
- Managing longer (3 months) sales cycles

Current clients:

- Hungarian Telekom (subs. of Deutsche Telecom)
- Allianz Hungária
- KPMG Hungary
- Generali Hungary Insurance
- Citibank Hungary
- Audi Hungária Motors
- Siemens Hungary
- Vodafone Shared Services

If you want to partner and represent highly recognized, creative leadership development experts with solid track record, great reviews, please feel free to call or e-mail me.