MCOR (Advanced Mechanical Polymers)

Company: mcor Target Country / Region: WorldWide
Contact:Michael Caputi Available Territories:
Address:3000 N 29 CT
Hollywood, FL 33020, United States
Industry: Industrial Products and Services
Adhesives and Sealants
Construction and Building Materials
Phone: 9549614656 Email:
Fax: Website
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Company offers a series of niche, high-end polymer products (coatings and repair compounds) dedicated to maintaining, repairing, and protecting industrial assets, mechanical components, and machinery parts with machinable epoxies, ceramic coatings, and similar polymers for repair and coating in abrasive, wearing, and industrial corrosive/chemical environments. Often addresses reclamation of steel in pumps, mechanical flow components, reclaiming loss of metal in machinery parts, coating internal wearing areas, trough lining, high chemical area lining, immersion grade coating needs, and other assets in need to repair and protection from harsh corrosives, heat, gases or abrasion. Pump and mechanical epoxy rebuilding and coating Metal fillers and reclaiming epoxy Machinable epoxy Abrasion resistance and ceramic lining/coating Infrastructure rehab, repair, and protective coatings.

Target Markets:
Pumps and armature works, water and wastewater utilities, Machine shops, Industrial fluid flow and aggregate, Machine shops, Foundries, Refineries, Industrial plant
Sales Opportunity Description:
Sales Opportunity

Seeking serious industrial sales team/firm to invest as a partner for territorial distribution, servicing/support, and sales:

-Prospect, service, and sell to end-user/buyer
-Generate specifications around the product for projects
-Seeking new business development within a Territory
-Able to leverage existing relationships into new business
-Seeking assistance in area with support and training
-Seeking dedicated sales personnel while providing a sales manager/liaison to handle technical training, know-how, and management

Company is looking for serious partners willing to invest in initial inventory and training, maintain stocked product and grow a market as an exclusive territorial Distributor.

Protected Sales Channels & Territory

The Distributor is a part of a protected territory network of Authorized Exclusive Distributors. These territories are completely exclusive and are honored as the only sales and service channel available for accounts within the territory. The Distributor holds stock of various products, manages sales channels and teams within their territory and honors the network and regions of other Authorized Distributors.

In addition, the Distributor establishes their own pricing structure, based on a suggested retail price, and ultimately sets sales channels with direct sales teams, sales representatives, re-sellers and/or a combination.

The Company

The company has been in business since 1990 and is currently on a growth track.

The Company provides on-going support, training, marketing paraphernalia, and a dedicated account manager.