Astrotech Incorporated

Company: Astrotech Incorporated Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Brian Podczerwinski Available Territories:
Address:2906 N. Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights, illinois 60004, United States
Industry: Contract Manufacturing
Electrical and Electronic Products
Safety, Emergency, and Security
Phone: 847-398-8833 Email:
Fax: 847-398-9933 Website
Employer Type:
Thirty years of manufacturing experience supporting a wide array of capabilities, products, and services.

Target Markets:
Sales Opportunity Description:
From PCB assembly to complete box builds, the Astrotech Group provides high quality manufacturing to world class OEM customers.

Vertically integrated for control of product quality, Astrotech has tooling design and construction, plastic injection molding, assembly, testing, and R&D facilities to ensure the control of quality at every stage of the product cycle.

We dedicate ourselves to excellence in manufacturing and continuous improvement while fulfilling the customer's expectation of quality, service, high efficiency, delivery and cost.

Our environmental policy complies with current regional and national regulations. We strive to prevent contamination to the local environment and save the national resources by reducing waste and enforce improvement through the setting of environmental objectives and targets.

OHSAS 18001