Fauxeffects International, Inc.

Company: Faux Effects, International, Inc. Target Country / Region: United States
Contact:Raymond Sandor Available Territories:Texas and South-Eastern States
Address:2700 Industrial Ave II
Fort Pierce, FL 34946, United States
Industry: Agricultural Products
General Retail Products
Phone: 772 318-0151 Email: rs@fauxfx.com
Fax: 772 318-0177 Websitehttp://www.fauxeffects.com
Employer Type:Manufacturer
Faux Effects International, Inc is a well established long term manufacture of faux and decorative finishing paints and products

Target Markets:
Paint stores, retail building supply and decorating centers
Sales Opportunity Description:
Experienced sales Rep needed to develop sales on a commission basis; selling a selected line of metallic paints and other decorative finishing materials and products to paint stores, outlets and decorating centers.