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Whether you're a manufacturer expanding into new territories, or an independent sales rep looking for new lines, increasing your sales is our common goal.

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Whether your company is introducing a new product, or expanding into a new territory, adding a representative that is familiar with the buyer you need to reach can be critical to your success. Your ad cost effectively reaches the reps that can grow your sales.

Adding a line you can present to your current customers adds money to your bottom line. We alert you, for free, when an opportunity in your region and industry becomes available. It's FREE, join today!

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Global Representation - Linking Manufacturers and Independent Sales Representatives Around the World

    Global Representation

Where Manufacturers and Independent Sales Representatives Come Together

A Common Goal - Increasing Sales

Whether you're a manufacturer expanding into new territories, or an independent sales rep looking for new lines, increasing your sales is our common goal.

Global Representation is your partner in reaching that Goal

For over ten years, companies have turned to us as the most efficient, cost effective way to increase their independent sales force, and in turn, increase sales. Independent Reps have relied on us to aggregate the best opportunities to enhance their current offerings, or expand into new areas.

You Benefit from our Focus...

Our only goal is to connect you with a sales rep that can get your product in front of a new customer. Your ad won’t get lost in the clutter of a job site where a respondent may be looking for a salary position. Rather, our singular focus is connecting you with independent sales reps that know they’re only paid after they have generated a sale.

    ...and Our Experience

Over more than ten years, we've built an online reputation as the leader in matching world class manufacturers and high quality independent sales reps. Over the years, we've built a database of sales reps that want to hear about the opportunity you have to offer. Second, our longevity has built a solid relationship with various search engines, including Google. Your ad will not only be seen on the site, but also viewed by independent sales reps that use Google to search for independent sales opportunities in their industry and territory.

Whether you have a targeted need, or want to reach the world, we'll deliver your message to the independent sales reps you need to reach.

Why Use an Online Platform to Locate Independent Sales Representatives?

Answer: Unparalleled exposure at a cost effective price. Online platforms allow you to get your message in front of those that are interested, at the lowest cost. Before Global Representation, you would have spent 1000's of dollars running expensive ads in daily newspapers across the country, with limited results.

Why Choose Global Representation over the other online services

  • Streamlined process with straight forward pricing.
  • The highest search engine page rank of any similar service. Your ad will be seen by the widest possible audience.
  • Salesman are on the go, and more frequently are finding opportunities like yours on a mobile platform. We're committed to be the first platform with a 100% mobile interface.
  • Global Representation was started by a user like you, that wanted a straight forward, easy to use system to reach representatives globally. We'll continue enhancing our service, but always keeping in mind ease of use for the end user.

Global Representation - Linking Manufacturers and Independent Sales Representatives Around the World

Global Representation - For Employers

Where Employers find Motivated Independent Sales Reps to Increase Sales, and Grow the Bottom Line

Let's face it, every business depends on having talented people that can close a sale. No matter how much you invest in R&D, or how great the latest version is, someone needs to explain it to a customer, and make that all important sale.

Global Representation gives you a cost effective avenue to reach salesman that are already calling on your future customers. We have an established data base of salesman, from every industry and each corner of the world. These men and women want to hear about your opportunity!

  • Utilize our service to recruit commission based sales representation in any region of the world.
  • Expand into new territories!
  • Find sales representatives / manufacturers representatives who regularly call on buyers in your targeted regions and have developed strong relationships with your future customers.
  • Leverage a local sales representative’s valuable relationships, ensuring strong credibility when introducing your company’s products and services.
  • Automatically notify targeted sales representatives in our database of your opportunity by posting your online recruitment advertisement today.

(Note: To ensure consistency and compliance with our terms and conditions, all information must be entered in English)

Simple, Streamlined Process

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Add a great salesman today! We Take Over Your listing appears on our website and we start sending email alerts to our registered database of Independent Sales Reps that match your ad profile. The interested reps will then contact you directly.

Global Representation - Linking Manufacturers and Independent Sales Representatives Around the World

Global Representation - For Independent Sales Representatives

Where Independent Salesman Find New Lines to Grow their Business

For a successful Independent Sales Representative, registering with Global Representation is a must. Whether you're looking to get started, or add a successful new product, Global Representation alerts you to new opportunities in your selected industries and geographic region, all for FREE!

Our goal is simple, we want our employers to be able to reach out to the best salesman in the world, to get their products in front of buyers that can grow both our saleman's, and our employer's bottom line.

Let's get started!

  • Register for FREE and sign up to automatically be notified of new independent sales representative opportunities for your selected categories.

  • Find and get connected with domestic and foreign manufacturers, service providers, and distributors who are hiring independent sales representatives.

  • Target your desired markets and product categories.

  • Be the first to introduce a new breakthrough product to your customers.


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Global Representation - Linking Manufacturers and Independent Sales Representatives Around the World

Recent Independent Sales Rep Positions Posted on Global Representation

Looking for an Independent Sales Position, or Seeking to fill an Independent Sales Position, Look no Further than Global Representation

Seeking Reps? Looking for New Lines? We've got you covered

This is just a sample of some of the most recent opportunities listed on Global Representation. We have manufacturers from all around the world, that need key people to get their products in front of buyers. Whether you're an Independent Salesman, or a company with a product that needs greater distribution, sign up today to increase your sales!

Newest Opportunities as of July 21 2017
Anacapa Technologies, Inc: Target: United States
Immediate opening for a qualified Surgical/ Wound Care Medical Sales Representative or Rep Group; generous commission based 1099 position with uncapped commission opportunities. Company sponsors samples, marketing materials, local conference, networking opportunities and provide leads for territory on regular bases.
Covertech /reflective insulation Products: Target: WorldWide
Covertech is a leading manufacturer of reflective insulation and radiant barriers marketing under the brand name rfoil and NT Radiant Barrier. Covertech operates from its modern 107,000 sqft facility in Toronto, Canada and employees over 100 people.
FEATURED: Datum FIling Systems, Inc.: Target: Central and South America
US Manufacturer of Storage and Filing Solutions.
ET2C International Inc: Target: WorldWide
International Chemical Products, Inc.: Target: United States
US EPA Tested, National & Global Award Winning, Value Added Water Based & Green Product which Completely Prepares any Metal (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous) for years of long term Storage, Welding, Priming, Painting, etc. No Blasting of New Metal before Painting. Several Years of Indoor Rust ProtectionEliminates all hazardous & toxic chemicals including Blasting from Metal surface preparation before finishing, such as Priming, Painting, Powder Coating etc.
ShockWatch: Target: WorldWide
Target customers:Power Generation OEMsFreight Forwarders/Logistics CompaniesAerospace OEMsHigh Tech OEMsOil & Gas Service or Operations CompaniesManufacturing OperationsChemical & Food ManufacturersPump, Motor, etc. OEMs
Industrial Alloy Fabrication : Target: WorldWide
Fabrication of reactor and process tower internals.
RJ Filtration: Target: United States
Manufacturer Representation Opportunity Here! RJ Filtration is looking for Representatives that will utilize their industry experience and connections to develop and maintain lasting relationships with perspective clientele. We are a world class filtration company with a broad catalog of products that we offer under our Baleen branded product lines, as well as private labeled or white labeled with applications spanning many industries from small scale commercial to large scale industrial.
Cat Tuong Corp: Target: WorldWide
Cat Tuong Corp is looking for talented sale reps worldwide with attractive commission for selling our thermal insulation products.
Cool Air Products: Target: WorldWide
We currently have three products we are manufacturing. AC SMARTSEAL, AC SMARTSEAL QUICKSHOT and Yoga Pipe.
Almax: Target: Western Europe
Almax Electronics is leading global Electronic Interface Solutions manufacturer seeking professional representation in western Europe to sell custom electronic interface technologies. Engineering and Purchasing contacts in OEM's is a requirement for success in this opportunity.
Cura: Target: United States
Established Electrical Equipment Sales Organization focused on the Utility and Renewable markets throughout Florida. Seeks strong, entrepreneurial business driver to take over and grow $8Million Central Florida Sales Territory (60 mile radius of Orlando). Realize 2-3X potential.
Shamrock Electronics: Target: United States
Experienced Manufacturer's Representative, Preferably with some compatible lines to join long established Rep Firm. Excellent opportunity if you bring the right qualifications. Commercial, Government.
Tudelu: Target: United States
We seek an experienced Architectural Sales Manager with a proven track record of success. The ideal candidate will take the initiative to identify and contact potential clients, secure and lead meetings, and close deals. We are looking for an entrepreneurial self-starter with a passion for sales who possesses outstanding communication and people skills, and an understanding of the critical importance of cultivating strong client relationships.
Global Parts Aero Manufacturing, Inc.: Target: United States
Global Parts Aero Manufacturing, Inc. is currently looking for a contract sales representative for our build to print machine shop. This individual must be self-motivated. This individual understand the importance of fostering positive business relationships. Representative must be able to articulate our company’s services
Rauh Polymers Inc: Target: WorldWide
Family owned and operated Plastic compounding company.
Armada Cloud: Target: United States
Seeking motivated independent sales agents to represent our data protection appliances, cloud backup, and disaster recovery services to businesses. Our target customer is storing over a terabyte of data, so we are strictly focused on B2B sales. We offer monthly recurring commission with a tiered rate curve to allow our reps to build a solid revenue stream that grows with their efforts - we're seeking reps with multiple lines who want to add a lucrative commission-only option to their catalog. This is an excellent opportunity for reps with experience in selling software and hosted services, particularly with any experience in selling purpose built appliances and cloud backup.
Loadmaster Systems, Inc.: Target: United States
Loadmaster is the developer and manufacturer of a structural composite roof deck system used on all types of roof structures. Loadmaster Roof Decks are in their 48th year of use with over 500,000,000 sq. ft. of working installations in place in the United States. Sales Rep to call on Architects and Engineers to promote the system. Excellent commission structure.
TP INDEPENDENT: Target: WorldWide
based in France , we sell day-trips for tourists visiting Paris and who wish a day-trip to see the surroundings (loire valley castles, Mont Saint Michel and more). we only offer privatized sightseeing tours. No grouping with others unknown persons.
Magnetec Inspection, Inc,: Target: United States
Sales to major refineries, petrochemical or related industries with heat exchange equipment, tanks, piping.
Golden Leverage (brand Jade d’Orient ): Target: WorldWide
Golden Leverage for services is a company based in Casablanca , Morocco. We are specialized in the artisanal and luxurious cosmetic products made essentially with Argan oil and other natural products of Moroccan terroir. We also make and export handicrafts and arts. Our brand is called “Jade d’Orient cosmetics”
Earth-Friendly Koru Swimwear: Target: WorldWide
OUTSIDE WHOLESALE SALES REPS WANTED. Koru Swimwear is an earth-friendly swimwear and apparel manufacturer that sells upscale swimwear made of recycled fabric and apparel made from sustainable fabrics. We are looking for seasoned and self-motivates outside sales reps to sell our line to retailers. The ideal candidate for this position will have at least 2 years of experience working as a sales representative and must be open to traveling. The qualified candidate will possess exceptionally strong communication skills and preferably have previous professional relationships with specialty boutiques and/or department stores. This is a full time position. Distributors are welcome. Commission only.
WindTrans Systems Ltd.: Target: WorldWide
WindTrans manufacturers a patented evolutionary HVLS(high volume-low speed) PUMP-- that SELF primes and lifts 27 vertical ft.--under the trade name Zelda.Zelda - pumps 90 gals/minute by hand and 300 gals/min. at 200 rpm.
Inspire Rehab Center: Target: WorldWide
High-quality, Affordable, Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center
FEATURED: Sanow Professional Development LLC: Target: WorldWide
Promote and Sell In-House Training Programs on Team Building, Communication, Leadership, Customer Service and Presentation Skills to Companies, Associations and Organizations

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