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Welcome to the world's largest networking website specifically focused on connecting manufacturers, service providers, and distributors with independent sales representatives.

Global Representation is the only website where manufacturers, service providers, and distributors can post their sales representative recruitment advertisements and receive high quality applicants to represent their business -- anywhere in the world. Not only will your ad be seen around the world, but we will alert sales reps that have expressed an interest in representing companies in your industry, in the specific area of the world you are looking to increase sales.

Global Representation connects manufacturers with independent sales representatives who have established relationships with your future customers. Why spend countless hours and resources trying to cold call your prospective customers? Jump start your sales by tapping into this network today!

Independent sales representatives work on a commission basis and only get paid once a sale is made. Stop paying for sales prospecting and start paying for performance.

Read about our Global Representation Value Commitment.

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